The exhibition Going Through It presents a series of aquarelle paintings depicting an ambiguous organ-like-being. The paintings arise from my personal feeling of disgust caused by the strong sense of one’s own physicality and deal with the response to that sensation. Using that sensation, I analyse the negative feelings towards the Other.

Central motif of the work is my own body that all of a sudden feels foreign, like an abject – a feeling brought up by a feeling of not having the “normal body”; the conflicting relationship between the body in advertisements, social media, etc, and own body; in situations where the idea of the body is formed artificially and my own body feels “too real” in the existentialist sense, referring to nausea in which case the feeling is almost one of disgust. The organ-like body has deformed nipple- and vulva-like elements. These elements in the work are motivated by the way female nipples and vulvas are generally depicted in our culture. Female nipples are hidden, when they are not, they are small but hard, vulva, as well, has to be small or like in the case of the Pioneer space probe, launched by NASA in 1972, containing information about life on Earth, completely absent. ​​​​​​​
The paintings are mainly pale, without strong colour, with only a few drops of intense colour added to stress the absence of it. Inside the works are human-size holes. With the absence of the missing piece, another layer of emptiness is added. ‘Emptiness’, ‘hollowness’, ‘missing’ are important keywords to the work: we cannot always talk about these feelings towards the foreign; but one can imagine a more body-based sensation to create empathy towards it. 

I am interested in the way the feeling of otherness with our own body can be translated into the experience with the Other. The title Going Through It refers, both, to the emotional stress of going through body-hatred, but also going through it, overcoming the hatred by interacting with, facing the hatred.

The works will be displayed behind each other in the room, creating a tunnel for the viewer to go through. The viewer has the possibility to experience the uncomfortable situation by forcing the body to adjust the hole, and in that sense the artwork deals with the process of adapting in life in a wider and more philosophical sense.
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