Greenhouse is a house with suitable conditions for growing.

Growth happens in a greenhouse.

Greenhouse is a house with suitable conditions for growing plants. These plants are set apart from
the rest of nature, protected from the outer environment; they are inside where the atmosphere
is warm and humid, growing up from the strings and creating their own specific rhythms.
Inside a Hothouse you are being isolated;

you are being watched.

Greenhouse consists in itself of paradoxical attributes: it creates a comfortable and warm
environment, meanwhile in its spatial construction it dictates the boundaries of growth and
patterns. Glass might create an illusion of spaciousness but in reality it acts as a separator,
leaving also space for a controlling gaze from the outside. Through the metaphoric space of a
hothouse the artist meditates on personal growth, atomization, experiences of mental illness
and contemplates on individual and society, isolation and the attempt to overcome it.
Isolation as a defence mechanism – First proposed in psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud according to whom unpleasant or threatening thoughts are being isolated from the rest of the thoughts. The aim is to create as few connections between unpleasant and other thoughts as possible; so that they would eventually disappear. 
Through replicating and interpreting one pattern, I aimed to explore the way I am replicating an established norm in the society.
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