"Birthplace wa..." (2018) is a series of paintings through which I questioned who has the power of interpretation – the artist or the viewer. It relays on people’s wont to tell stories based on a picture of things that are supposed to be related. The series started with the painting "Kyllike" where people interpreted the blue shape in the down right part of the painting as either a skull, bird or a hair. This shape became the visual leitmotif of the series. 
I wanted to ask the viewer to tell their interpretation of the work and then told the concept that could not have been read out of the picture. In that sense, the painting deals with the dynamics between spoken and painted picture. 

Kyllike is an entity. 
It asks you to *insert yourself”. 
Please, do, if you feel like it. 
Insert yourself and tell your life story. 
Let me ask: what does the blue represent? What does the red tell you? Name the things you recognize? What is the thing in the down right corner, this blue thing? 
When you are done, think of the space: where does it all happen? Is it a story with an end and beginning? Is it even a story or is it just some take-outs, is it a feeling?​​​​​​​
Thank you for thinking with me.
Let me tell you about Kyllike. 
She is a real person. 
She was born in Estonia in a small village. She had a big dream and worked on it daily. In the end of 80s she got a job offer, her dream job! She accepted it. It was nice, she had a friend from the same village and every Friday they took a bus back home and every Monday they took a bus to the capital city. 
One day Soviet Union collapsed and the country they lived in, was part of it. It collapsed and people were fired. Kyllike decided to leave the job before she got fired. She moved back to her mother’s place. She’s special because she loved her mother so dearly that you have never seen anyone love their mother as much. Lately her mother died and her love died also. 
Do you think she made a good decision? 
Do you think she got depressed? 
Why do you think that? 


The series consists of three paintings: "Birthplace", "We're not gonna die, we're gonna get o..." and "Kyllike". The latter one was exhibited as part of an exhibition "THE ART"  at Whitespace gallery in Edinburgh in 2018
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